The things that can ruin your career

Even the most inconspicuous at first glance, oversights can erase all the achievements.

The work can be lost due to a lot of different factors. Mistakes can sometimes cost a prestigious position, salary and other benefits. At the same time, most people admit missteps completely random, without even knowing about it.


According to a recent survey the company VitalSmarts, 83% of respondents admitted that they were able to observe how work colleagues made mistakes and paid for it with his career. 61% of survey participants said that their own missteps also cost them a promotion (31%), relationships in a team (27%), reputation (11%).

These figures in themselves indicate that you are able to destroy with his own hands a professional position, if you do not behave gently and carefully. Even the most inconspicuous at first glance, little things can turn into big trouble.

Portal Forbes gathered a few common mistakes that often allow employees at their workplaces. Be aware of them and never work out if you want to confidently walk up the career ladder.

Games in policy

Building a good relationship in the team does not mean or scheming to provoke scandals. Don’t let all sorts of political games, and try to be yourself. Stick with the strategy and tactics of communication in the team, for which you will not be ashamed.

Too big promises

By performing some work or task the authorities, do not give unrealistic promises, even if you think you can do it. Do not promise to do everything ahead of time, if not 100% sure about this. Even small delays will not go in your favor and reputation irredeemably spoiled. For people to trust you, always take informed decisions.

Excessive calm

In today’s world, it is very important to keep up with the overall progress. If you are just too busy to learn something new, it is only one – the wrong prioritization. Self-improvement should be in the list of your daily tasks.

Fear of change

Another mistake made by many employees. Lost in the work routine, we often forget that everything changes around. If you are in a state of shock results in the fact that need to change approaches to work, or the list of running tasks, think about it, is whether the direction you are moving? Constant change – is the key to success. Cheapest essay writing service has shown that, in the opinion of 91% of respondents who succeed are those employees that are well adapted to changing operating conditions.

About the Author: Lika Nertom is a student. She is from NY.

Sapienza University of Rome – Italy


Sapienza University of Rome is one of the oldest educational institutions of the city. It was founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII and was intended solely for the secular society. Today it is one of the most prestigious universities of the country, a diploma which is valued by any employer in the world.

This university is the oldest in the country. It was founded in 1303. Sapienza University is in the top 30 universities in Europe, according to the rating compiled by Institute of Higher Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In 2010, Sapienza was ranked the 190th in the world rankings.

La Sapienza University is extremely popular among students from different countries. It is one of the largest educational institutions by the number of students. Students Sapienza University disregard for assignment writing services. There are more than 120,000 students, including 12,000 foreigners. Teaching staff comprises more than 8,000 employees.
The university is famous not only due to its importance on the international arena, but also the relatively low tuition fees.

Developed library system operates at the university, which has absolutely unique specimens of books. You will be able to get acquainted with any of them and get new knowledge.

Faculties of the university:
1. Faculty of Architecture
2. Faculty of Economics
3. Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy
4. Faculty of Jurisprudence
5. Faculty of Humanitarian sciences
6. Faculty of Sociology
7. Faculty of Humanities and Arts
8. Faculty of Pharmacology
9. Faculty of Philosophy
10. Faculty of engineering
11. Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
12. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
13. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery II
14. Faculty of Psychology I
15. Faculty of Psychology II
16. Faculty of Statistics
17. Faculty of Communication Sciences
18. Faculty of Political science
19. School of Archiving
20. School of librarianship
21. School of Aerospace Engineering

Why Sapienza University?

• The largest and most prestigious university in the country;
• Internationally recognized diplomas;
• The best teachers and training base in Italy;
• The possibility of direct employment immediately after graduation.

It also sends its students for internship and practice that gives them the opportunity to make contact with potential employers.

After studying at the University, you can become a bachelor, master, post-graduate or PhD in large number of fields.
About the author: Anna Jonson is a freelance writer. She keens on economics, politics and IT. Anna likes playing volleyball, watching educational movies and travelling abroad.

Creativity In Class


  1. Practice laughter as an antidote to tension in class. It is the best medicine one can find to immediately unplug the atmosphere and bring the sense of unity. Students laughing together have that community feeling that’s hard to define, as if they are sharing a common secret. But beware of fun getting out of control and make sure you know how to bring class back into balance.
  2. You can’t apply the same behavioral standards to each student as we are all different. There are dissertation writers analyzing discipline measures applicable to an active and passive individual in group. For example, sitting in the back of the classroom may signal that this person doesn’t seek attention, and the most curious of pupils usually sit at the front. Perhaps an additional assignment for those constantly fidgeting will help keep class in control.
  3. Keep your desk organized. As students hand in their papers at the end of the week, ask them to write their last name and number in the grade book at the top corner of the page. This will be really helpful and save you a lot of time if you are going to check on each paper individually. Avoid cluttering your desk and keeping stuff lying around as it may be lost in the matter of a minute. Imagine your stress when you can’t find examination questions and permission slips!
  4. Reward students who are doing well in class. This will keep them motivated and willing to participate in social life. Those who are doing best can choose their own seats or don’t do homework for the rest of the week. Put their names on a desk and don’t forget to replace them every week or two to make sure there are no favorites. Encourage less active students to join the game and make it look like you are playing, not seriously ranking them by their abilities, as it may be offensive.
  5. If you want to check on your student’s knowledge quickly, give them a task that requires maximum attention. Write an assignment on your whiteboard and tell class they only have 5 minutes to complete it. This way, you can track their weekly progress and see if they learnt the lesson from the previous week or revision is needed. Besides, it will provide students with a stimulus to do away with the work.
  6. Be friendly, but do not allow situation to get out of control. Of course, nobody can guarantee that, but make sure students know who the leader is. If they see you reacting spontaneously and proactively, they will know the boss and the discipline shall be maintained. It’s important to know you can have your own attitude to the problem and see it as another challenge. This way, you can solve it without having to yell or create unnecessary conflicts.

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