Writing a research paper in Business Law

Business Law is an essential practice in setting up and managing business. It covers areas of business, commerce, and consumer transactions. Business law regulates corporate contracts, hiring practices, manufacturing, trade and sales of consumer goods. Also, it often applies to business relations; it regulates parties’ rights, code of conduct, and terms and conditions of mutual cooperation, which are usually stated in corporate agreements. Writing a research paper in business law can be tricky and complicated due to the study area specifics. Commercial laws and regulations are constantly changing and evolving. Thus, it is essential to be updated with the latest commercial and legal developments. Business law has developed into different areas, and sometimes it can be difficult to select a subject for a research paper. This article outlines several areas of business law that could be addressed while writing a research paper. Continue Reading →

Need help with research paper about the business?

Business research is a very important practice for all companies, if they want to prosper and succeed. Nowadays, most of the companies purchase expensive research services from different market research agencies in order to improve their strategies and better manage the company. It is important to constantly improve business strategies in order to keep market shares. Business research enables companies to obtain a huge variety of data about their business performance. Most of the time business research includes analysis of financial data, consumer feedback, product research, industry analysis and benchmark analysis. Thus, being able to conduct business research and provide valuable business research report is a highly appreciated skill on a CV.  In this article, the key components of the business research are described. This information will help to write a professional business report. Continue Reading →

Differences between business report and research paper

Business reports and research papers are the terms that are confused very often, and this is no surprise, because they are very interrelated.  A business report is usually the result of a business research, while a research paper is a more general notion and can be related to any discipline.  These papers have similar structures and are being the outcomes of research activities. However, the structures of these papers have different layout and components. In this article, the descriptions of a research report and a research paper are presented. Continue Reading →

How to Write a Business Paper?

Business papers are assigned to all those students earning BBA and MBA degree. Any MBA course consists of accounting, business law, finances, statistics, advertising (that is usually included into marketing), administration, theory of business, career development, E-commerce (a recently developed course), organizational & risk management, HR, general management, business communications, marketing, business policy, ethics, IT, and international business. There are a lot of business research paper ideas suitable for each of the category. Continue Reading →