How to Write a Business Paper?

Business papers are assigned to all those students earning BBA and MBA degree. Any MBA course consists of accounting, business law, finances, statistics, advertising (that is usually included into marketing), administration, theory of business, career development, E-commerce (a recently developed course), organizational & risk management, HR, general management, business communications, marketing, business policy, ethics, IT, and international business. There are a lot of business research paper ideas suitable for each of the category.

In this article, we will list only some of the possible business paper ideas. Off we go: ordering a diagnostic audit report, annual reports of some large companies analysis (accounting), advertising design and placement, advertising impact on society, principles of commercials applicable to the governance of various public authorities (advertising), leadership (supervision) analysis, need for some moral reforms within business environment, liability and tax considerations impact, work unions problems (administration), collective bargaining agreement development, employment discrimination issues, property values, racial and other types of discrimination (law), a resume sample, tips for writing a cover letter, successful people interview analysis (career development), various Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Apple, Sony, Ford, Barbie examples (case studies), selling online, tools to promote the product/service online, social network visibility (e-commerce),procurement and government attitude towards this term, ethical perspectives, ethical scandals and their consequences (ethics), corporate employee benefits, employee empowerment approach, workplace diversity, different types of harassment (HR), supply chain management implementation, WTO role, global expansion in developing countries, international mergers & acquisitions (international business), analyzing leadership, customer relationship management, types of decision-making, tips for successful CEO (management), marketing programs descriptions, creating a strong brand name, promoting and distributing existing product line (marketing), etc.

Business management research paper is a beneficial one as far as it may help in the applicant’s further career and life. The good thing about any business paper is that it won’t be thrown into the trash immediately after obtaining a passing grade. Perfect business papers may be applied in the individual’s future business. It works the same way as when students are asked to prepare a customs business plan as a course project. The point is that excellent business plan can serve as the real one later.

Business administration and economic schools are highly valued and appreciated in today’s rapidly developing business environment. The students holding MBA degree automatically possess more chances of being hired or launch own start-up than those with less significant for business world diplomas.

Who should take MBA course to succeed? Fairly everyone is recommended to do it, but there are some positions that require this degree more than others. Those are people already working or dreaming of working as the:

  • financial analysts,
  • accountants,
  • bank clerks,
  • salesmen,
  • managers,
  • CEOs,
  • office administrators,
  • marketers,
  • SEOs,
  • copywriters,
  • business developers,
  • business consultants,
  • content managers,
  • HR managers,
  • distributors, etc.

Business research papers usually summarize some ideas obtained via conducting detailed marketing research. It involves SWOT & PEST analysis, competitive advantages, executive summary, KPIs, promotion & distribution channels, pricing strategies, and other significant marketing elements.

No matter which class you’re getting ready for, the fundamental purposes are repeated below:

  • explore and analyze raw data;
  • penetrate into the conversation of other writers and scholars from a particular business field;
  • use primary and secondary resources appropriately.

On the whole, any more or less successful business paper is primarily based on recommendations listed separately in the end or throughout the work. The basic goal of assigning such papers to MBA students is to check their overall awareness and business knowledge. That’s why not only the plot, but the advices given by the author, his comments on different business cases and personal attitude matter to the instructor.