How to write a great business research report?

Designing and carrying out a research project is a complex activity, which consists of several continuous stages that are documented in the final research report. The research report is an integral and underlying part of a research process and is crafted from the initial stage of the research project. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly plan research activities, determine the structure and scope of the research report in the very beginning. Different research frameworks, methods and techniques can be applied while conducting business research projects; however, there are some fundamental principles that must be considered when designing a business research paper.

The research objective

Writing a research paper starts with the formation of a general idea of what the subject of the project will be. Subsequently, it is necessary to demarcate the areas that are going to be researched and discern key components by narrowing down a research topic. At first, it may seem easy. However, most scholars struggle to find the core of their research topic. The best advice that can be given is to spend sufficient amount of time on a preliminary research, in order to define a solid research objective. The research objective is by far the most important component of the research project, as it determines the following up decisions concerning collection of data, analysis, interpretation and final conclusions and recommendations of the research report.

Introduction to the report

Every business research paper must be structured, and it must communicate a certain statement to its audience. Most scholars would agree that the main essence of the business research report is a clearly stated purpose. When a one starts reading the research report, a clear explanation of what the research is about and relevant background information should be mentioned in the introduction. It creates familiarity with the subject and acquaints the reader with the context of the research project. The organizational arrangements and stakeholders of the projects must be included in the business research report in order to describe the impact of the research project, its benefits and potential opportunities in full. It is also important to keep in mind the main message of the paper that you want to deliver to your audience. It should not only be clearly explained in the introduction, but also incorporated in every section of the research report.


The methodology part should describe the organization and strategy of the research process. This part of the report must include a description of all the research questions and an explanation of how they contribute to the achievement of the research objective. At this stage of the research process, the author must decide on the types of data to be collected, data collection techniques and data analyzing methods. It is vital to use more than one data collection method in order to ensure the validity and credibility of information.

The Findings

The main part of the research presents the results of the research activities that have been carried out. Most of the time, this is the next part the readers look at, after the introduction. The Findings sections needs to communicate complicated data in a simple manner so that the audience will be able to understand the content.  It is important to select a proper layout for the research outcomes. Depending on the type of information, the researcher may present the outcomes by using tables, charts and diagrams that are easy to read. However, written explanation and analysis of the phenomena is necessary, as it supports the content in charts and tables and gives more clarity.


Presenting the outcomes of the research without a solid conclusion makes the research report uncompleted and unprofessional.  The final section of the report must conclude the research findings and state the achievement of the research objective. This section may also suggest further research developments and new topics that need to be studied. In the end, the researcher may include a recommendation section as well.