The things that can ruin your career

Even the most inconspicuous at first glance, oversights can erase all the achievements.

The work can be lost due to a lot of different factors. Mistakes can sometimes cost a prestigious position, salary and other benefits. At the same time, most people admit missteps completely random, without even knowing about it.


According to a recent survey the company VitalSmarts, 83% of respondents admitted that they were able to observe how work colleagues made mistakes and paid for it with his career. 61% of survey participants said that their own missteps also cost them a promotion (31%), relationships in a team (27%), reputation (11%).

These figures in themselves indicate that you are able to destroy with his own hands a professional position, if you do not behave gently and carefully. Even the most inconspicuous at first glance, little things can turn into big trouble.

Portal Forbes gathered a few common mistakes that often allow employees at their workplaces. Be aware of them and never work out if you want to confidently walk up the career ladder.

Games in policy

Building a good relationship in the team does not mean or scheming to provoke scandals. Don’t let all sorts of political games, and try to be yourself. Stick with the strategy and tactics of communication in the team, for which you will not be ashamed.

Too big promises

By performing some work or task the authorities, do not give unrealistic promises, even if you think you can do it. Do not promise to do everything ahead of time, if not 100% sure about this. Even small delays will not go in your favor and reputation irredeemably spoiled. For people to trust you, always take informed decisions.

Excessive calm

In today’s world, it is very important to keep up with the overall progress. If you are just too busy to learn something new, it is only one – the wrong prioritization. Self-improvement should be in the list of your daily tasks.

Fear of change

Another mistake made by many employees. Lost in the work routine, we often forget that everything changes around. If you are in a state of shock results in the fact that need to change approaches to work, or the list of running tasks, think about it, is whether the direction you are moving? Constant change – is the key to success. Cheapest essay writing service has shown that, in the opinion of 91% of respondents who succeed are those employees that are well adapted to changing operating conditions.

About the Author: Lika Nertom is a student. She is from NY.