What Is a Business Recommendation Paper?

It was in college, on the second year of my study, when I have heard the term Business Recommendation Paper for the first time. I was a little bit confused, because studying the Literature as my major, I did not expect to be assigned the task that seemed mostly related to Business Studies. But this was an important assignment. The paper had to be fifty pages long, and it was worth 25% of the term score.

The instructions were something like that: “provide background information on a textbook selling market, present alternatives to solve a business problem of profit decrease on the market, and then develop recommendations based on one of these alternatives.” I was stuck. I had no idea what to do. Luckily, my roommate, who was one year older than me, had already submitted similar papers. She explained me what I was expected to write. It turned out that a business recommendation paper was much simpler to work on, than I ever thought. Basically, I was supposed to write an essay researching the problem of profit decrease on a book selling market, particularly in the textbooks segment. I had to find out the reasons for an income decline and propose some effective solutions. Each solution has to be also analyzed and compared with others. This way I had to choose one single method at least to stop the decrease and ensure income raise, if possible.

The structure of my paper was like this:

Executive Summary
It was one paragraph where I shortly described all my key points, including recommendations. Of course, I was able to do it only after I have finished the whole paper.

I think there is no point writing about it.

Once again, it is a rather typical component of an essay.

Findings or main body
Here I actually gave reasons for profit decrease. I also included diagrams and graphs.

I summarized my research (all mentioned in the findings part) and provided five possible solutions to the problem.

In this part I described only two profit increase strategies, which I considered to be the most realistic.
The last advice I would like to give you, is to plan your time. Do not repeat my mistake and postpone writing till the last week before the deadline.
So, this was my experience in writing a business recommendation paper. By the way, I got an “A” for this assignment. Hope you will find this information useful. Good luck with your writing!